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For $39.99, the Tropical Runts THC–O Disposable Vape Pen 1 Gram comes with a candy flavour that you will enjoy so much that you will want to eat it – and overdose. But you should not. THC- O is a psychoactive element that can give you a high stronger than the high you will get from using THC. When dosing, use a few puffs, one at a time, while observing how your body reacts until you are sure that your body can tolerate the desired amount. Seek the doctor’s opinion before using THC to check your health status to ensure that your health is compatible with THC-O. Not everyone can use THC-O vape. People with lung conditions and expectant and nursing mothers should avoid THC-O vaping. The doctor can also check any medication you may be used to confirm if you can use it alongside THCO vape. Buying good quality THC-O vape is not easy, especially for a first-time user, and the doctor can recommend the best places to buy good quality THCO products. Overdosing may cause side effects, and if the side effects persist after reducing the dosage, the user should seek medical attention.

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