BudJuice – Micro All Natural Soil Enhancer


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BudJuice Micro – Organic Plant Nutrients

Sustainable, natural, easy to use

Organically enrich your soil and keep your hungry plants fed. Based on nutrients naturally found in our oceans BudJuice is naturally rich in amino acids, and organics ready to build a nutrient rich soil.

How to use: Ratio 1:20 Micro to Water
    1. Pour 10-50ml of BudJuice in 1000ml of water
    2. Feed plant
    3. Use one time per week for the entire life cycle of the plant


Organics and more

Our oceans are packed with nutrients that will help your plants naturally thrive. Rich in both organic and elemental nutrients BudJuice Micro concentrates and packs it neatly in to a bottle for you to use.

Chelates Included!

BudJuice contains kelp which contains amino acids and carbohydrates which chelate minerals and nutrients. Chelates are very important in allowing plants to take up essential elements.


BudJuice is naturally rich in phytoplankton. It is has been shown that using phytoplankton as a fertilizer is highly beneficial. Rich in minerals and organics they provide a major boost to help plants grow.

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